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Replacing your damaged liver with a new liver via a liver transplant is the only effective treatment for hepatopulmonary syndrome in both children and adults. Oxygen therapy to boost low blood oxygen levels can help people feel more comfortable, but it doesn't affect the syndrome itself. Mayo Clinic is testing some experimental drugs in the hope of improving oxygen levels.

Many people with hepatopulmonary syndrome are referred to Mayo Clinic because of Mayo Clinic's extensive experience treating liver disease and performing liver transplants. More than 5,200 liver transplants have been performed at Mayo Clinic since 1985.

Mayo Clinic doctors looked back at results for all people who had liver transplants as a result of hepatopulmonary syndrome at Mayo over a 24-year period. Of the 49 patients receiving transplants, 88 percent were alive after five years. These results compare favorably to national survival statistics for anyone receiving a liver transplant (a little over 70 percent five-year survival). In contrast, five-year survival was only 23 percent for people with hepatopulmonary syndrome who did not receive a liver transplant.

Jan. 10, 2015