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Lancing devices can vary, but many devices use the type of lancet pictured here. First remove the cap and gently twist the round top of the lancet once. Insert it into the opening in the device. Twist the round top of the lancet again so that it breaks away, and remove it from the lancet. Place the lancet device cap onto the lancing device.

Use the depth dial on the top of the lancing device to select how deep the lancing tip will go. Before puncturing your finger, hold your hand downward and gently shake it for several seconds, to promote blood flow to the fingertips. Place the tip covering the lancet on the side of your fingertip to avoid making the frequently used part of your finger sore. Press the button to discharge the lancet.

Depending on your glucose monitor, you may be able to test your blood glucose from other sites, such as your forearm or thigh. Check with your health care provider or certified diabetes care and education specialist to find out if alternate site testing is right for you.

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