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Mayo Clinic researchers are working to improve the diagnosis and treatment of carotid artery disease. Specific efforts include evaluating treatment options for asymptomatic carotid artery disease and surgical techniques for treating symptomatic carotid artery disease as well as assessing which techniques offer best outcomes in light of advances in both medical therapy and surgical techniques.

Mayo researchers were involved in the multicenter Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy versus Stenting Trial (CREST), which defined treatment protocols and compared outcomes of the two procedures.

Mayo Clinic is now the clinical coordinating center for the ongoing CREST2 trial, which is designed to compare three different methods of stroke prevention to find the safest and most effective treatment for patients with narrowing of their carotid arteries. Related work assessing CREST data yields insights into the effectiveness of patching during endarterectomy procedures.

Mayo clinicians are also working to advance ultrasound evaluation of carotid plaque characteristics, to better identify plaques with higher stroke risk based on sonography.


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