Myocardial ischemia

Lifestyle and home remedies

Barriers to fitness

Don't have time to exercise? Too tired to work out? Check out these easy ways to increase your physical activity.

Coping with job stress

Quit-smoking strategies

Weight-loss goals

Whole grains


Fitness program

Sources of stress

Stress is your body's response to the demands of the world. Identifying your personal triggers is the key to effectively managing your stress.

Tobacco cravings

Weight-loss readiness

Before you plunge into a weight-loss program, see if you're truly ready to change.

Risk factors

Stress management

When you identify unhealthy ways of reacting to stress, you can begin to control the stress, rather than letting it control you.



Nausea and vomiting

Shortness of breath

Unexplained weight loss

Tests and diagnosis

Chest X-rays

Coronary angiogram

CT scan


Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)

Stress test

Treatments and drugs

Coronary bypass surgery

April 09, 2016