Alzheimer's blog

Much work lies ahead to increase research, resources for Alzheimer's caregivers

By Angela Lunde February 19, 2013

As I'm writing, the Meeting of the Minds Conference is just around the corner. I know not all of you can attend, so I'll be bringing you many highlights, a few session overviews and other information I think you'll find valuable in the weeks that follow.

In addition, I see it as both a responsibility and an honor to be the voice for many of you. As I read your postings from week to week, I hear your concerns and challenges. I witness the isolation that surrounds persons living with the disease and many caregivers.

As a society we have a long way to go to embrace and support families impacted by Alzheimer's and related dementias. Work lies ahead in shifting communities toward first seeing a person with considerable strengths before disease and disability. We need to increase research and resources for identifying ways of improving well-being and implementing real strategies and policies that support family and friends in a caregiving role.

Berrie's recent post touched my heart deeply, and I'm sure others who read it felt something too. The efforts she's pioneering in Namibia are magnanimous to say the least. And, truth-be-told, despite differences in culture, technology, and geography, we share a common mission — ensuring the dignity, human rights and needs of persons living with impairment.

The cure for disparity is not only about hope; it's identifying how to change something we care passionately about. Inspired by Berrie and so many of you who have shared your journey with me, my voice toward action is a humble tribute to you.

Feb. 19, 2013