Thoracic Disease Research Unit

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Thoracic Diseases Research Unit (TDRU) is the administrative entity supporting research in the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division at Mayo Clinic Rochester. It provides support for scientists with research programs in both the laboratory sciences and in clinical investigation.

The principal mission of the TDRU is to promote research in diseases of the respiratory system with a scope reaching from the bench to the bedside. In this mission the TDRU seeks to be a resource for Clinicians Engaged in Research, who wish to investigate questions encountered in clinical practice, and as well as basic respiratory biologists. Moreover, the unit is an integral component of the divisional education program and is dedicated to the training of academic pulmonologists and respiratory biologists.


Andrew H. Limper, M.D., director

Laboratory-Based Investigation
Rolf D. Hubmayr, M.D.
Andrew H. Limper, M.D.
Edward B. Leof, Ph.D.
Richard E. Pagano, Ph.D.
Ulrich Specks, M.D.
Charles F. Thomas, Jr, M.D.
Robert Vassallo, M.D.

Professional Associate in Research:
David L. Marks, Ph.D.
Zvezdana Vuk-Pavlovic, Ph.D.

Clinical Pulmonary Studies:

Pulmonary Clinical Research Center
Pulmonary Physiology
NETT Offices (Lung Volume Reduction Surgery for Emphysema)
Kenneth C. Beck,
Peter C. Gay, M.D.
Jeffrey T. Rabatin, M.D.
Paul D. Scanlon, M.D.
James P. Utz, M.D.