Frequently asked questions

Why choose the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program?

Our goal is to keep pilots healthy in order to enjoy a long aviation career. ProPilot health care involves:

  • Performing planned preventive screening examinations
  • Being a resource for pilots experiencing a medical issue that has the potential to affect their medical certificate, including identifying medical conditions early
  • Providing transitional care, such as filling prescriptions and developing clinical recommendations for treatment that can be done closer to home

How does the program work?

  1. Establish a relationship with the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program: Flight departments enroll their pilots in the program. The Mayo Clinic ProPilot program manager interviews the chief pilot or flight department personnel manager to better understand the needs and culture of the organization. Together they determine how prescheduled appointments will be established with Mayo Clinic. Essentially, the program serves as the flight department medical director.

    Individuals who want the benefits of preventive screening and expedited contact with the FAA when needed are also eligible to enroll in the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program.

  2. Send pilots to Mayo Clinic for preventive care combined with a flight physical: Predetermined, age-appropriate preventive screening tests are coordinated as part of an itinerary that typically is completed in one to two days. Mayo Clinic sends the chief pilot an annual dashboard or summary of their pilots in a de-identified fashion, including future visit dates.
  3. Benefit from Mayo Clinic expediting FAA processing if a medical condition is discovered or if a pilot develops a problem during the year: The Mayo team assists in coordinating transitional care for each pilot as needed, including filling prescriptions and working with local providers to follow certain chronic conditions. It also contacts the FAA directly to expedite processing of medical waivers or other services, as appropriate.

What preventive services are offered?

Our ProPilot members are offered preventive services based on their age, gender and other factors. The initial visit to Mayo Clinic includes baseline testing and health risk stratification. Certain testing is performed every few years rather than annually, depending on the pilot's family history and medical history. Some flight departments also send their pilots to Mayo Clinic every six months to maintain a valid Class I FAA Medical Certificate.

Who pays for services?

The employer or flight department covers the cost of the administrative membership fee and preventive screening. All other required medical services are billed to the pilot's individual medical insurer. The employer or flight department may opt to cover all or part of the pilot's expenses.

Individuals who want the benefits of preventive screening and expedited contact with the FAA when needed are also eligible to enroll in the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program.

What does membership include?

The administrative membership fee allows us to provide premium service by:

  • Collecting medical information before the appointment
  • Streamlining the itinerary
  • Offering special amenities during the visit, such as a personal locker and free wi-fi
  • Expediting subspecialty evaluations
  • Conducting all medical record reviews
  • Performing an annual FAA flight physical
  • Expediting medical waivers by contacting the FAA on behalf of pilots
  • Providing annual summaries to flight department chief pilots

Where is the program located?

The Mayo Clinic ProPilot program is located in the Gonda Building in the center of the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota. Diagnostic testing is located within the connecting buildings. For convenience, each participant is provided with a personal locker for his or her visit. Occasionally, specialized testing or evaluations may be located in a nearby building or floor.

Will Mayo Clinic find a medical condition and ground me?

Our goal in the Mayo Clinic ProPilot program is to provide each pilot with a comprehensive evaluation and preventive services for a long and rewarding life and aviation career. If a medical condition exists, our team-based approach will provide the pilot with treatment options. We will work with the FAA on his or her behalf to ensure it receives all the information required to expedite the medical certificate.

What if I need a Special Issuance Authorization or other type of medical waiver?

Our aviation medical examiners routinely work with the FAA and know how best to handle medical situations. They have years of practical experience handling straightforward and complex medical cases.

What other services do you offer?

The Mayo Clinic ProPilot program offers many services in addition to aviation medical exams:

  • Medical consultations for pilots wondering if they would qualify for a medical certificate
  • Follow-up visits for pilots with a Special Issuance Authorization or other type of medical waiver
  • HIMS (Human Intervention and Motivation Study) evaluations for people who have an addiction or a psychological condition treated with certain antidepressants

Mayo Clinic also has a comprehensive, goal-focused Healthy Living Program and Sports Medicine Center. Pilots are active — we like to keep them that way.