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Preventive Services Clinic

The Preventive Services Clinic offers an easy, convenient way to update important preventive care measures.

The Preventive Services Clinic is available to Mayo Clinic patients and their accompanying family members and friends who:

  • Are age 18 or older
  • Are in relatively good health
  • Have no symptoms or unresolved medical problems

A Mayo Clinic care provider will help you determine your preventive care needs, based on your age, gender, past screenings, family history and behaviors.

Requested services can typically be completed within 48 hours from the initial appointment.

Services offered

  • Vaccines and immunizations: influenza, pneumococcal, tetanus, Tdap, herpes zoster
  • Blood pressure check
  • Cholesterol test
  • Colon examination
  • Streamlined comprehensive chronic disease screening
  • For women
    • HPV vaccine
    • Chlamydia test
    • Cervical Pap smear
    • Mammogram/breast examinations
    • Osteoporosis screen
  • For men
    • Prostate check and PSA measurement
    • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screen

Specialty consultations

Based on your profile, the following appointments can be arranged through the Preventive Services Clinic:

  • Assessment of family history. A geneticist will discuss your family health history, provide risk assessment for common diseases, and help guide you with methods for minimizing your risk.
  • Tobacco. A counselor can help guide you in ways to reduce and quit your dependence.
  • Nutrition. A dietitian can assess your eating patterns and help you plan nutritious meals that will maximize your health, support weight management and minimize risk for disease.
  • Physical activity. An exercise specialist can help you improve your fitness, strength and overall health with a personalized exercise plan.
  • Stress management/complementary/integrative medicine. A counselor can advise you on the use of dietary supplements and stress management modalities such as meditation, acupuncture, massage and others


8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday

It is helpful to have information about last screening dates or immunization records when scheduling appointments.

Check with your insurance carrier to discuss benefits provided by your medical plan.

Aerospace Medicine

Medical services for recreational pilots, professional air transport personnel and individuals traveling to high-altitude environments.

Executive Health

The Executive Health Program provides examinations for corporate executives.