The PRC program views participation as a partnership between the patient and the PRC treatment team. The staff work with patients to meet individual goals for rehabiliation. Staff are available to help whenever a patient needs assistance.

As a patient, the following expectations can be made of the treatment team:

  • Patients will be treated with respect.
  • Patients can expect that everything will be explained in a manner that he/she can understand.
  • Every patient's personal health history and medications will be reviewed during the program.
  • A nurse care coordinator will be assigned to work with each patient.
  • Patients will receive education and training on skills to effectively manage chronic pain.
  • The patient's family members and friends will be encouraged to participate in the family program to learn more about the patient's rehabilitation plan.
  • Patients, after providing permission, can expect assistance with aftercare planning through collaboration with their local health care providers.
  • Patients can expect to receive skilled and compassionate care from program staff.

The PRC treatment team expects the following of patients in the program:

  • Patients will honor every person's right to confidentiality.
  • Patients will treat staff and group members with respect.
  • Patients are expected to participate every day, regardless of pain or other distress.
  • If a patient is unable to attend, he/she will call the PRC program to discuss the situation with the nurse care coordinator. The length of participation in the program may need to be adjusted to accommodate such requests.
  • Patients will be expected to establish specific and personal goals for rehabilitation and demonstrate effort toward those goals each day, including attempts to increase overall level of functioning and decrease habits previously used to cope with pain (called pain behaviors).
  • Patients should be willing to have the treatment team contact appropriate resources such as their local physician.
  • Patients will be asked to comply with a medication plan, including a taper of pain medications, as applicable.
  • Patients will refrain from using alcohol or recreational drugs while in the program.
  • Patients are expected to provide urine or blood samples when requested.
  • Patients will discuss any concerns regarding program policies and procedures with a member of the treatment team.
  • As much as possible, patients are asked to refrain from seeking additional medical appointments while enrolled in the program so they can focus on pain rehabilitation.