The Department of Medical and Surgical Gynecology at Mayo Clinic in Florida offers state-of-the-art care from a skilled team of specialists experienced in treating gynecologic conditions. Doctors from Medical and Surgical Gynecology provide a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient gynecology services for women in all stages of life.

Surgical options for gynecologic conditions range from minimally invasive procedures that can lessen pain, reduce the length of hospital stay and shorten recovery time, to more complex open surgery. Specialists who treat women who have cancers of the reproductive organs (gynecologic oncologists) and specialists who treat women who have pelvic floor conditions (urogynecologists) focus on:

  • Complex surgical problems of the pelvis
  • Precancerous conditions of the reproductive tract
  • Surgical and nonsurgical management of bladder and bowel dysfunctions
  • Surgical treatment for cancer

Coordination of care

Mayo Clinic's surgical gynecologists specialize in treating conditions affecting the female genital tract. They work together closely to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for each woman. The surgical gynecology team thoroughly discusses treatment concerns with women and other Mayo Clinic doctors who provide care. This integrated approach ensures that each person receives the most appropriate and comprehensive care.