To schedule an appointment with a general surgeon, please call 507-538-3898 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Online appointment requests

For U.S. residents

The kind of appointment will vary depending upon the nature and complexity of the patient's condition. In some instances, the initial appointment will be directly with the surgeon. In other cases, the surgeon will choose to have the patient's care managed by a medical specialist, in order to get a more comprehensive assessment of the patient's situation. In this instance, the surgeon will see the patient as one of many specialists involved in the patient's care.

What to bring

Past operative notes – Copies of operative notes from previous operations for the condition for which the patient is seeking an appointment.

Imaging studies – CT scans, ultrasounds, ERCP, mammograms, chest X-rays and other imaging studies performed by the local physician. This could come in the form of original X-rays, copies of X-rays or a CD-ROM with appropriate images.

Pathology slides – Pathology slides and the report of any biopsies performed. The Department of Pathology at Mayo Clinic will review these records.