Family Medicine in Florida

Care teams support your lifelong health and wellness.

Note: This content was created prior to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and does not demonstrate proper pandemic protocols. Please follow all recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for masking and social distancing.

Mayo Clinic Department of Family Medicine in Florida provides comprehensive medical evaluations and primary care services to people living in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Our providers use a team approach to care for people of all ages. Whether you're healthy, sick or living with a chronic condition, we provide whole-person care to support your needs. We offer care at several locations in the area. Many minor illnesses can now even be diagnosed and treated online or with a virtual visit.

Doctors in the Division of Occupational Medicine help to prevent and treat injuries and diseases associated with your work and that occur in the workplace. Specialty care includes the Workers' Compensation Specialty Program and medical management of patients with workers' compensation insurance. Appointments with our occupational medicine doctors are scheduled as authorized by the workers' compensation insurance carrier.

What is a care team?

Because your health and quality of life are important to us, Mayo Clinic Family Medicine uses a team approach to support your individual health needs. Your care team is home base for getting the care you need in the most convenient and supportive ways possible. It may include you, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, clinical assistants, pharmacists, dietitians or other professionals, as needed, to support your health and wellness.

The primary care providers on your care team have expertise in family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. They offer a wide range of services, including preventive exams and screenings, well-child exams, and mental health care. They manage chronic conditions and treat minor illnesses. And they coordinate care with specialists you may need, such as heart doctors (cardiologists), sports cardiologists and cancer experts (oncologists).

The advantages of care teams

  • Improved access to care. Having access to a care team means convenient access for you. Often, what you need can be delivered by telephone support or through Patient Online Services. If you need to see a provider, you'll be connected with the right team member to address your concerns. You may need a nurse visit for vaccinations, a session with a dietitian to develop a healthy eating plan, or an exam with a doctor or nurse practitioner to diagnose and treat an illness. Your care team can determine the best route of care for your situation.
  • Effective management of routine, chronic and specialty issues. Your primary care team works hard to anticipate your needs and alerts you to preventive care, immunizations and appropriate screenings.

    Care teams will also follow up with you after a hospital stay as needed. Care coordinators will help you learn to manage multiple chronic conditions more effectively. They will help you develop a care plan focused on what matters most to you.

  • Whole-person care. Your care team members take the time to listen to your questions and concerns. They can help with a wide range of topics, including medical, nutritional, social, financial and drug-related issues.
  • Coordinated care with specialists. If you require specialty care, such as that provided by heart doctors (cardiologists) or cancer experts (oncologists), your primary care team can connect you with the right support. Even if you're consulting with other specialists, your primary care team partners with you on your overall care plan.

    Your care team helps you find the care you need, when and where it is most convenient for you. You may be able to schedule a virtual visit.

    Your care team will coordinate with specialists to ensure your care plan fits your needs, lifestyle and family circumstances. Often, community resources are available as well — and your care team will help you make those connections.