Burning mouth syndrome clinic

Experience and expertise

Each year, Mayo Clinic experts diagnose and treat more than 150 people who have burning mouth syndrome. The team of medical dermatologists with specific interest in burning mouth syndrome collaborates to help people with this challenging disorder. They use the latest technology to treat any underlying condition that may be contributing to your discomfort.

The right diagnosis

Mayo Clinic's extensive testing capabilities help this team determine what triggers your condition and rule out other problems.

Supportive model of care

Mayo Clinic's dermatology team also has a unique, innovative group appointment model of care. You will be invited to share consultation time at Mayo Clinic with other people who have burning mouth syndrome. This model has proved to help people learn from one another and network with people going through similar experiences. When you are part of this group, you still have opportunities to meet with a physician who specializes in burning mouth syndrome.


Depending on patients' needs, the burning mouth syndrome specialty group collaborates with experts in pain management, psychiatry, neurology and ear, nose and throat. It also explores holistic or complementary medical care options if desired.


Mayo Clinic has published extensive literature on burning mouth syndrome. Faculty experts have written textbook chapters on it and continually do research to understand this disorder.

Contact information

  • Phone: 507-284-2536
  • Fax: 507-538-1687