Resources for physicians

Referring a patient

The Mayo Clinic Referring Physician Service is the primary contact for physicians making patient appointments and arranging phone consultations with Mayo staff members. In addition, the Referring Physician Service will help answer questions and work to resolve any concerns about Mayo services.

To reach the Referring Physician Service at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, you can:

  • Call 800-533-1564 (toll-free), 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Download a referral form

Learn more about referring a patient to Mayo Clinic.


Genetics knowledge continues to grow and be integrated into daily medical practice, so it's important to train clinicians in all aspects of clinical genomics and medical genetics. Mayo Clinic offers these educational opportunities — all are located in Minnesota:

In addition, the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education offers a program in medical genetics in Minnesota, and the Mayo School of Health Sciences offers genetic counseling internships in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.