By Mayo Clinic Staff

Step 1 — Recent Hearing Test

Before obtaining hearing aids from Mayo Hearing Aid Clinic, a current hearing test is required. Hearing tests are given in Audiology on the third floor of the Davis Building. Appointments for hearing tests can be made by calling 904-953-0468. The hearing test must be done no later than six months prior to purchasing hearing aids.

Step 2 — Hearing Aid Consultation

After completing a hearing test, you can schedule an appointment for a hearing aid consultation by calling the Mayo Hearing Aid Clinic at 904-953-0500. Patients are seen by appointment only. During your appointment, an audiologist will review your hearing test with you, help you determine your needs and expectations and recommend specific hearing aids.

When you order hearing aids, impressions of the ears may be taken. The impressions are sent to the manufacturer where ear molds or hearing aids are made for a custom fit. Usually, hearing aids are ready within two to three weeks, but time varies depending on style, features and the manufacturer. You will be given an appointment to return for a hearing aid fitting.

Step 3 — Fitting the Hearing Aid

At the hearing aid fitting, the audiologist will adjust the devices according to your hearing loss and hearing needs. You receive instructions on inserting the hearing aids and batteries and on wearing, cleaning and caring for them.

Step 4 — Monitoring Progress

After the hearing aid fitting, follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor your progress, adjust the hearing aids as needed, and answer your questions. Most patients make two to three follow-up visits during the first month.

During this first month, you and a family member or friend are encouraged to take the Managing Your Hearing Loss class. The course provides valuable information on hearing loss, hearing aids and how to maximize hearing capacity.

Although hearing aids will not restore normal hearing, most people receive significant benefit. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the hearing aids, they can be returned for a 90-percent refund within the 30-day adjustment period. The charge pays for the ear mold impressions, fitting and adjustments when hearing aids are returned.