Class — Managing Your Hearing Loss

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Mayo Hearing Aid Clinic offers a class, directed by an audiologist, for adults and their family members on how to manage and deal with hearing loss. Taking this class during the first month of hearing aid use is strongly recommended.

Course topics include:

  • How the ear works
  • What causes hearing loss
  • Understanding hearing test results
  • Hearing aids and other assistive-listening devices
  • Emotional reactions to hearing loss
  • Strategies to improve hearing and communication


There is no charge for the class for the purchaser and spouse or significant other if hearing aids are purchased from the Mayo Hearing Aid Clinic. In addition, those who attend class receive a free one-year supply of batteries for one hearing aid. The class costs $100 if hearing aids were purchased elsewhere.


The course is held 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the first two Thursdays of the month. The course lasts four hours, and attending both sessions is highly recommended. Attendees can bring lunch, if they wish.


Mayo Clinic, Davis Building, Room 302 (next to the Hearing Aid Clinic).


To make reservations for the class, please inform the Hearing Aid Clinic receptionist or call 904-953-0500.