Allergy Shot Therapy

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Allergy shot therapy (also called immunotherapy or allergy vaccination) is designed to decrease your reaction to specific allergy-producing substances called allergens. The goal is to decrease allergic or asthmatic symptoms by making you less allergic. Most people benefit from this therapy, although some do not. Allergy injections are administered under a physician's direct supervision either at Mayo Clinic or with your local physician. They are given as part of your allergy treatment, usually in conjunction with allergy-avoidance measures and medications.

A Mayo Clinic allergist will complete an initial consultation and evaluation before therapy begins.

Injection Schedule

Initial injections are given no less than three to eight days apart for 15 to 30 weeks. If you receive each injection on schedule and have no adverse reaction, the dose of each injection will be increased until you reach a maintenance dose. Then the time interval between doses will be gradually increased until you are on monthly injections. Mayo extracts can be mailed to your local physician's office. Injections are given in the Davis Building on the Mayo Clinic campus in Florida Monday through Friday and at the Mayo Primary Care Center Beaches on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings. We require that you wait in the office for 30 minutes after each injection in case there is a reaction.


While you are receiving treatment with Mayo allergy extracts, you should be re-evaluated every one to two years or sooner if needed.