1. PhD - Research Doctor of Developmental Sciences. Thesis: Development of a new method for the diagnosis of inherited disorders of beta-oxidation and its application to the study of SIDS Universita di Padova
  2. Post-Doc - Human Genetics Yale University
  3. Resident - Pediatrics Universita di Padova School of Medicine
  4. MD - Thesis: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic acid excretion in neonatal urine by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry Universita di Padova
  5. Internship - Pediatrics Universita di Padova School of Medicine


  1. Italian Board of Pediatrics - Pediatrics
  2. American Board of Medical Genetics - Clinical Biochemical Genetics

Primary Appointment

  1. Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Academic rank

  1. Professor of Laboratory Medicine And Pathology


  • Newborn screening
  • Inborn errors of fatty acid transport and oxidation
  • Clinical and biochemical characterization of inborn errors of metabolism
  • Metabolic cause of sudden unexpected death
  • Clinical applications of tandem mass spectrometry


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