Outpatient Dialysis

Volunteers interact with patients receiving dialysis treatment in an outpatient setting at Mayo Family Clinic Northeast located on Stonehedge Drive. Volunteers provide a pleasant distraction from treatment for patients with conversation and activities such as reading aloud, board games and crossword puzzles. There is opportunity to develop relationships over time as most patients receive treatments on a regular basis.


  • Be available to listen if a patient desires to talk
  • Able to initiate conversations with patients who are undergoing treatment
  • Effective communicator capable of offering empathy to patients and visitors
  • Friendly, welcoming attitude
  • Emotionally able to interact with patients who have a medical condition
  • Cooperative attitude toward dialysis staff
  • Self-motivated

Physical requirements

  • Fairly mobile
  • Avoid volunteering if ill due to suppressed immune system
  • Must be comfortable working away from the Mayo downtown campus

Volunteer group

  • Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services