Photo of gift shop volunteer helping customer buy flowers


Mayo Clinic volunteers have opportunities to work in several retail environments designed to serve the needs of patients, families and visitors.

Volunteer gift shops

Gift shops staffed by volunteers, supervisors and part-time sales associates carry an excellent selection of cards, gifts and flowers. Volunteers greet customers, provide customer service, stock shelves and assist with other gift shop responsibilities as needed, including delivering items to patients.

Volunteers may also attend gift markets where they assist as buyers in helping select merchandise for the shops.

Volunteer groups

Mayo Clinic Store

a Mayo Clinic Store Volunteer

A Mayo Clinic Store volunteer

Mayo Clinic Store is a medical supply store owned and operated by Mayo Clinic. Unlike volunteers in the gift shops, volunteers who work at Mayo Clinic Store do not assist with sales transactions, stock shelves or serve as buyers. Rather, volunteers from Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services and Mayo Clinic Young Volunteers are called upon to greet and assist customers in locating required medical supplies.

Volunteer groups

  • Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services
  • Mayo Clinic Young Volunteers