This program is ideal for volunteers interested in creative activities such as stitching or knitting items for patients. Volunteers meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 11 a.m. in the Auxiliary Volunteer office at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus.

Volunteers use their creativity to craft practical items for patients, including:

  • Knitted baby caps, given to all newborns
  • Caps for patients who lose their hair due to treatment of an illness
  • Hand cozies and toe cozies for patients in casts
  • Pediatric surgical caps
  • Small stuffed animals for children
  • "Feelie" hearts that comfort transplant and oncology patients and family members
  • Layettes for parents who have suffered a loss of an infant; families draw comfort from the quilted envelopes with memories of their baby
  • Knitted shawls of hope, serenity and spirituality for distribution by nursing staff and chaplains
  • Small pillows given as gifts to hospitalized volunteers

Some craft items are sold in the Gift Shop, including crutch caddies, walker caddies, and jewelry cases. Proceeds from these items benefit the Good Samaritan Fund, which provides financial assistance to patients at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, who need help with their medical expenses.

Volunteers may choose to do some of these projects from home.

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