Cancer Treatment Areas

Volunteer visits with patients and visitors at the chemotherapy unit.

Volunteers provide support to patients while they are receiving cancer treatment by offering refreshments, reading material and conversation.

Volunteers can staff two areas: Outpatient Chemotherapy (Gonda 10) and Radiation Therapy.


  • Friendly, welcoming and positive attitude
  • Able and willing to refer patient questions about condition or medication directly to staff
  • Treat diverse patients and their families with respect and empathy
  • Emotionally able to interact with very ill patients as they receive treatments
  • Available to listen if patient desires to talk

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to handle hot liquids
  • Ability to stand and walk, pushing a refreshment cart over a period of two hours
  • Avoid volunteering if ill due to patients' suppressed immune system

Volunteer group

  • Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services