Art Tours

Guide in front of Mayo artwork

Art is an important part of the Mayo Clinic healing environment. Works of art, reflecting a wide variety of artists, time periods and cultures, are displayed throughout the Mayo campus. Volunteers lead interpretive tours of art exhibits located in the interiors of Mayo buildings. A script including information about all pieces is provided.


Art tour volunteers should:

  • Appreciate art, especially the art pieces at Mayo Clinic, and be able to deviate from the script to answer questions.
  • Have previous experience, or feel comfortable, leading a group of up to 25 people.
  • Be friendly and professional.
  • Be dependable and arrive on time.

Physical requirements

You must be able to lead a walking tour for a minimum of 90 minutes and speak loud enough to be heard by groups of up to 25 people.

Volunteer group

  • Mayo Clinic Volunteer Services