Mayo Clinic Hospice Volunteers

Denise, Hospice Volunteer

Denise — Resource Volunteer

Mayo Clinic Hospice volunteers are a special kind of people. Volunteers are a vital part of the caring hospice team and bring a personal touch to terminally ill patients and their families. The efforts of Mayo Clinic Hospice volunteers help us fulfill our mission.

Mayo Clinic Hospice volunteers provide services essential to hospice care. They belong to a health care team that includes dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains.

Mayo Clinic Hospice volunteers have qualities that include emotional stability, strong communication skills, flexible schedules and nonjudgmental attitudes. Each of the volunteers provides a unique offering of interests, skills, talents and life experiences. Review Mayo Clinic Hospice opportunities to learn about services currently provided by hospice volunteers.

Because a hospice volunteer experiences many things unique to that group, having questions before volunteering is normal. The Commonly Asked Questions page will help give you answers.

If you would like to volunteer with Mayo Clinic Hospice Program, see How to Apply? for more information.