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The Age of Scientific Medicine: Travel, Learning and the Open Door
Surgeons Club
The Surgeons Club

From the beginning, the Mayo brothers maintained an "open door" policy to members of the medical profession. During operations, the brothers always discussed their procedures for the benefit of visitors. To further enhance the experience of visitors to Rochester, the International Surgeons Club was organized on June 7, 1906, by six surgeons who were visiting the Mayo brothers and their operating rooms at Saint Marys Hospital.

Each Monday, new officers were elected from among those visiting. Reporters covered the surgical schedules in each operating room. At the conclusion of the day, members met to review what they had observed. Soon after the club was organized, its name was shortened to the Surgeons Club. As the numbers grew to 40 or more a day, rules of conduct were instituted for the operating rooms. During the club's first summer, its membership expanded to more than 300, including surgeons from throughout the United States, Canada, and several other countries.

With the founding of Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in 1915, the club gradually became diffused as the lectures and seminars of the graduate school opened to visitors. In time, the formalities of the club ceased, even though outside physicians continued to be welcome at Mayo. Today, the same "open door" attitude prevails as physicians and surgeons continue to visit Mayo each year.

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Surgeons Club
Surgeons Club

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