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Siebens Building
Harold W. Siebens Medical Education Building

The Siebens Medical Education Building occupies three lots of land that have been closely connected with Mayo Clinic's growth and development since Dr. William Worrall Mayo arrived in Rochester in 1863. For almost 50 years, the series of homes that were built on this land served the family in various ways.

The first Mayo Clinic building, the 1914 Building, was opened on this site on March 6 of that year. On Oct. 27, 1989, another chapter in Mayo history began with the dedication of the 14-story Harold W. Siebens Medical Education Building. The building was designed to harmonize with and complement the stone exterior and shape of the Plummer Building. Several artifacts from the 1914 Building were reused in the Siebens Building, including a Rook wood tile drinking fountain that once graced the lobby of the 1914 Building.

The Siebens Building centralizes most of Mayo's educational programs and related services, including Mayo School of Health Sciences and Continuing Medical Education. The building features large meeting room space equipped with teleconferencing capabilities. The Mayo Alumni Center is headquartered in the building. The Siebens Building was the first building on the Mayo Clinic campus to be fully funded by philanthropy. More than 20 areas in the building are named in honor of generous benefactors.

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