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The Age of Scientific Medicine: Travel, Learning and the Open Door
Physicians Exchange Visits

During his presidency of the American College of Surgeons from 1918 to 1920, Dr. William J. Mayo helped revitalize contacts between European and American physicians that had been broken during World War I. As part of this effort, Dr. Will joined Dr. Franklin Martin, secretary of the American College of Surgeons, on a special visit to South America. Their journey included visits in Argentina, Chile, Jamaica, Peru, the Republic of Panama and Uruguay.

As a result of Dr. Will's visit, other trips were arranged over the following years for U.S. physicians. The Pan-American Medical Association was organized in 1926, and the Mayo brothers were prominent in its activities. In 1920, Dr. Will wrote:

"Whatever may be the after-war responsibility of the United States abroad, we cannot question that our first duty is to develop a sound Pan-Americanism."

Physicians from around the world come to Mayo today to study, observe and lecture. And, Mayo physicians travel to cities and countries to do the same. Such exchanges keep alive a vibrant environment in which practicing physicians, researchers and students continue to learn.

Mayo Travels and International Care Origins of the Name "Mayo Clinic"

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