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Mayo Medical School
Mayo Medical School

In 1972, the new Mayo Medical School became the nation's 110th medical school and the second in Minnesota. This national undergraduate medical school has developed an innovative curriculum and become one of the top-ranked medical schools in the nation. Each year, more than 2,600 applicants compete for 42 positions in its three medical degree programs:

  • M.D. program: a four-year program that enrolls 34 students annually
  • M.D./Ph.D. program: a seven- to eight-year program sponsored jointly by Mayo Medical School and Mayo Graduate School, providing training for career medical scientists. Six students are enrolled each year.
  • M.D./O.M.S. program: a six-year program for holders of the D.D.S. degree, sponsored jointly by Mayo Medical School and Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. The program meets requirements for the M.D. degree, medical licensure, and certification in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Two students are enrolled each year.

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