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Maud Mellish Wilson
Maud Mellish Wilson

In 1907, the Doctors Mayo decided the practice needed a medical library and publications support to advance their keen interest in medical scholarship. By 1906, Dr. Will had published 111 scientific papers, and Dr. Charlie, several years younger, had authored 50. This, in addition to growing requests for information about their surgical successes, made it imperative to find a suitable person to help with the preparation of articles, presentations and visual aids.

On March 1, 1907, Maud Mellish Wilson was hired to "organize and develop a library and to do editorial work in connection with the preparation of scientific publications." A Minnesota native, she had originally hoped to become a physician, but her limited means made her select a Chicago training program for nurses. After graduating from her nursing program in 1887, she became superintendent of a Chicago children's hospital. In 1889, she married Dr. Ernest Mellish and gave up her pursuit of a medical degree.

At Mayo, she worked to develop the medical library and various literary activities. In 1914, she directed the Division of Publications, which included the editorial section, the medical library and the art studio. After her untimely death from cancer in 1933, Mayo Clinic closed during her funeral, and Dr. Will Mayo wrote a personal tribute that described her work at Mayo as "the supreme monument to the life of a great lady."

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Maud Mellish Wilson
Maud Mellish Wilson
Maud Mellish Wilson -- Editorial excellence
Maud Mellish Wilson --
Editorial excellence

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