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Education in Early Rochester

After his arrival in Rochester in 1863, Dr. William Worrall Mayo became involved in many civic activities. One of the first was the Rochester Board of Education. Dr. Mayo was elected as a member of the school board for the 1867-1870 term. He joined the board as its membership was planning a building for the city's education program.

Beginning in 1855, the city housed its school in a log cabin, relocated it to several other makeshift structures and ended up with classes scattered throughout the courthouse. A year before Dr. Mayo joined the board, the city voted a tax of $25,000 to build a new schoolhouse. Construction of the new structure began the year that Dr. Mayo came on the board.

Central School was completed in 1868. It was the tallest building in the city and cost about $75,000, including the land. The impressive structure stood on the block where the Mayo Building is today.

After leaving the board in 1870, Dr. Mayo was elected again in 1883. He served two more terms until 1889.

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Central School
Central School

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