Mayo Clinic is an international leader in colon and rectal cancer research. Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers have been at the forefront of virtual colonoscopy research since the technology began in the 1990s.

Mayo Clinic studies regarding virtual colonoscopy have examined the accuracy, performance, safety and patient acceptance of this procedure. The research has found virtual colonoscopy to be a safe, effective alternative to traditional colonoscopy for many patients, particularly those ages 50 and older who have no symptoms of cancer.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic continue to look for ways to improve and advance virtual colonoscopy. For example, they are currently investigating methods that may eliminate the need for bowel preparation prior to the procedure. Mayo researchers are also exploring additional applications for this technology.


See a list of publications by Mayo Clinic doctors about virtual colonoscopy on PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.

Jun. 18, 2011