Patient stories

  1. New technology makes heart transplant possible

    When 53-year-old JoAnn Forster of Eau Claire, Wis., had a heart attack, she was at first only aware of not feeling well. "I started perspiring and couldn't breathe," says JoAnn of her symptoms. By nightfall she was hospitalized and her doctors soon determined that JoAnn needed an additional level of care. They had her transferred [...]

  2. "Flying ICU" helps Tanya Ginther recover from heart failure

    Tanya Ginther and her husband, Mike, had their second child on Oct. 2, 2007. Three days later their new son, Blaine, joined his 3-year-old sister Clara back at their home in rural Hanover, N.D. "Everything seemed pretty normal following the pregnancy," says Mike. "She had a couple episodes when she said she felt tired and [...]

Mar. 13, 2012