Treatment at Mayo Clinic

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Microscopic vasectomy reversals are currently performed at the Mayo Clinic campus in Minnesota by Landon Trost, M.D. who specializes in male infertility. He underwent urologic training at Mayo Clinic followed by fellowship training in both traditional microscopic and robotic-assisted vasectomy reversal techniques. Dr. Trost frequently publishes and lectures on topics of male infertility and sexual dysfunction. His team works closely with Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in order to provide complete and thorough care for both the male and female partners.

Dr. Trost has achieved excellent outcomes with vasectomy reversal, including pregnancies occurring as early as one month following the procedure in select cases. As success rates depend on various factors, including time since vasectomy and partner age, Dr. Trost reviews and discusses anticipated success rates at the time of initial consultation. To manage costs for patients undergoing infertility evaluation, Dr. Trost and his team make personalized recommendations and discuss anticipated costs prior to ordering additional testing.

Feb. 05, 2015