Mayo Clinic provides top-quality, evidence-based care in a nonjudgmental and supportive manner to help you stop smoking. Your treatment team offers you support and works with you to develop an effective stop-smoking plan to enhance your motivation and the skills needed to quit when you are ready.

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Treatment options

If you want to stop smoking, Mayo Clinic offers these types of treatments:

  • Counseling. Many people are counseled individually for one or more sessions after their initial one-on-one consultation at Mayo Clinic. These sessions can help you stay motivated, avoid or address relapse, and gain confidence in your ability to stay tobacco-free. To learn more about counseling sessions, see the video called Tobacco Treatment Specialist services — Mayo Clinic.
  • Medications. Medications to help you stop smoking fall into two categories — nicotine replacement therapy and non-nicotine medications. Using one of these medications may double your chances of quitting. Mayo Clinic is active in research that assesses the effectiveness of medications for stopping smoking.

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Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offers these additional treatment options:


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Jan. 11, 2011