Anterior prolapse (cystocele)

Bartholin's cyst


Incompetent cervix

Interstitial cystitis

Frequent urination and pelvic pain may indicate interstitial cystitis, a chronic bladder inflammation. There's no cure, but some treatments offer relief.

Interstitial lung disease

Low sex drive in women

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cysts

Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Posterior prolapse (rectocele)

Premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure, an uncommon reproductive condition, can lead to infertility and other problems.

Preterm labor

Small bowel prolapse (enterocele)

Uterine prolapse


Vaginitis is an irritating inflammation of the vagina often caused by fungi (yeasts), bacteria or parasites. Treatment depends on the type of vaginitis you have.


Women's health risks

Which health threats loom largest in your life? Find out how to reduce your risk.

Yeast infection (vaginal)

May 09, 2014