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  • Extensive expertise and experience. Highly skilled Mayo Clinic urologic surgeons have performed thousands of nephrectomies over the years and more than 2,500 partial nephrectomies since 2005. Mayo Clinic was one of the first medical centers to begin performing this procedure more than 30 years ago.
  • Minimally invasive options. At Mayo Clinic, partial nephrectomy is the preferred treatment for small, single tumors located in only one kidney. Mayo experts use advanced surgical techniques to offer less invasive laparoscopic and robot-assisted options for partial nephrectomy. The smaller incisions in robotic and laparoscopic surgery usually mean you'll have less pain after surgery and a faster return to your normal activities.
  • Research leader. Mayo Clinic has long been at the forefront of research on kidney-sparing surgery. Mayo Clinic tracks the results of Mayo Clinic patients treated for kidney cancer, focusing on how to improve outcomes. Research at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere shows overall higher survival rates for people who had only part of a kidney removed (partial nephrectomy) compared with people who had a whole kidney removed (radical nephrectomy).

Mayo Clinic in Minnesota ranks No. 1 for urology in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings.

Feb. 09, 2017