The minipill is a common type of contraception. Your health care provider may recommend the minipill if:

  • You're breast-feeding — the estrogen in combination birth control pills is known to interfere with milk supply
  • You have certain health problems, such as a high risk of heart disease, blood clots, or a history of high blood pressure or migraines
  • You're concerned about the side effects of birth control pills containing estrogen

The minipill is an easily reversible method of contraception. Your fertility may return to normal immediately after you stop taking the minipill.

Your health care provider may also recommend the minipill to help treat sickle cell disease or dermatitis that seems to be related to your menstrual cycle or to reduce iron deficiency anemia.

The minipill isn't appropriate for everyone, however. Your health care provider may discourage use of the minipill if:

  • You have breast cancer
  • You have unexplained uterine bleeding
  • You're taking anticonvulsant or anti-tuberculous agents
Dec. 01, 2011