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Mother Gives Daughter the Gift of Life … Twice

At 27 weeks into her pregnancy with twins, Amber Sylvester went to Mayo Clinic with her husband, Mike, for an ultrasound test and received news that no parent wants to hear. One of the babies was in trouble. She had enlarged kidneys, no amniotic fluid around her body, and fluid in her abdomen. She would [...]

Living donor evaluation

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  • Experience. Mayo Clinic transplant doctors, surgeons and other transplant staff members at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota have extensive experience with living-donor transplantation. Mayo Clinic has one of the largest transplant practices in the United States.

    The majority of kidney transplants at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota are done using organs from living donors.

  • Team approach. Mayo Clinic's integrated teams of surgeons, doctors, transplant nurses, pharmacists and others work together to provide your care from your evaluation through post-surgery care.
  • Treatment expertise. Mayo Clinic doctors and surgeons have expertise with all types of living-donor transplant surgeries, including ABO incompatible transplant, positive crossmatch transplant, paired donation and other complex procedures.
  • Innovation. Results of transplantation, particularly with living donors, are generally very good, but they can be improved. Staff in Mayo Clinic's transplant programs has taken a leading role in efforts to find new, improved ways to conduct aspects of transplantation, improve the experience of donation, reduce risks and improve the outcomes of transplantation.
Jan. 27, 2015