Investigators at Mayo Clinic are dedicated to studying novel procedures to determine their potential for treatment of cancers. Areas of radiotherapy research include:

  • Evaluating new IGRT technologies and procedures such as adaptive radiation therapy and 4-D radiation simulation and treatment
  • Biopsy validation of advanced imaging detection of aggressive disease
  • Improving outcomes by integrating advanced imaging techniques for treatment planning to individualize radiation target volumes and allow higher doses to better-defined targets, sparing critical structures and organs
  • Increasing the accuracy of radiotherapy delivery by using novel IGRT technologies and techniques for localization and verification of positioning during treatment
  • Development and evaluation of best IGRT practices for proton therapy
  • Using advanced imaging technologies to evaluate treatment response and guide therapy decisions
  • Imaging drug-induced changes in tumors to rapidly identify patients who benefit from a particular novel therapeutic strategy
  • Assessing and developing radiation oncology information systems for efficient, safe and effective use and management of IGRT information


See a list of publications by Mayo Clinic doctors on image-guided radiation therapy on PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.

Dec. 05, 2011