Patient stories

  1. 'Excited About the Future Because I Have a Future' ? Finding an Answer Through Gene Sequencing

    For 22 years, South Carolina native Brentney Simon and her family thought she was living with a fatal mitochondrial disease. From the time she was born, Brentney has faced a host of medical concerns. At first, her doctors didn?t think she would walk or talk. Brentney proved them wrong. But over the years, she struggled [...]

  2. Unique Form of Genetic Testing Uncovers the Reason for Years of Mysterious Symptoms

    When she was a teenager, Sharon Mills started having excruciating pain after eating. Medical tests found abnormalities with her liver but no reason for the irregularities or pain. She continued to experience the troubling symptoms for decades. As an adult, Sharon moved to different parts of the country several times. With each move, she visited [...]

July 19, 2013