ADHD in children

Inattention and hyperactive, impulsive behavior can be challenging for both children and their families. But appropriate treatment for ADHD can make a real difference.

Adjustment disorders

Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD can lead to challenges at work, in relationships and in other areas of your life. The right treatment can make a big difference.

Alcohol use disorder

Bipolar disorder

Childhood schizophrenia

Childhood schizophrenia is confusing and heart wrenching. Learn about managing this serious psychotic disorder.

Compulsive sexual behavior

Cyclothymia (cyclothymic disorder)

Drug addiction

Mental health providers

Looking for a mental health provider but not sure where to start? Here are tips, questions to ask and issues to consider.

Narcissistic personality disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)

Reactive attachment disorder

Schizoaffective disorder

People with schizoaffective disorder have certain symptoms of both schizophrenia and a mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder.


Schizophrenia causes delusions, hallucinations and behavior changes. The good news is that new medications can often effectively manage schizophrenia symptoms.

Schizotypal personality disorder

People with schizotypal personalities have few friends, act peculiar and often entertain distorted perceptions of reality.


Nov. 08, 2014