Absence seizure

Absence seizures typically last only a few seconds, but can occur dozens of times a day.


Childhood schizophrenia

Childhood schizophrenia is confusing and heart wrenching. Learn about managing this serious psychotic disorder.

Chronic daily headaches

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy


Conversion disorder

Conversion disorder occurs when your response to stress shows up as seizures, paralysis or another physical symptom.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease



Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain usually caused by a viral infection. Severe cases can cause brain damage, even death.

Febrile seizure

Frontal lobe seizures

Frontal lobe seizures can produce many odd behaviors, including bicycle pedaling motions and pelvic thrusting. Seizures often occur during sleep.

Grand mal seizure

Huntington's disease

Intermittent explosive disorder

Long QT syndrome

Restless legs syndrome

Rett syndrome

Temporal lobe seizure

Transient global amnesia

Tuberous sclerosis

May 20, 2014