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Patient stories

"I wanted to do something for myself"

Heidi had been thinking about cosmetic surgery for years. She decided to do it after her father was killed. "It was hard on me, and my family, and I wanted to reward myself for getting through it. I wanted to do something for myself." says Heidi. Her reward was a septorhinoplasty (surgery to remove obstructions [...]

The physicians who perform cosmetic surgery at Mayo Clinic are board-certified specialists experienced in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Many have earned national reputations for their expertise.

Mayo's cosmetic surgery team will take time to ensure that all questions and concerns and every aspect of care is addressed, from complications to costs.

Cosmetic surgery patients have access to the same world-class medical professionals, facilities and technology and the same level of service available to every Mayo patient.

Also, Mayo can address other medical needs at the same time. Virtually all medical services a patient might need — doctor visits, testing, surgery, hospital care — are available "under one roof" at Mayo Clinic. The scheduling of these services is done in a coordinated and efficient way, so that care can usually be completed in a few days.

At Mayo Clinic, you can be treated in private, and return home recovered and renewed.

Sept. 12, 2014