As a Mayo Clinic patient, you have the opportunity to participate in a leading-edge research program on addiction gene mapping (genomics). Mayo Clinic established the Samuel C. Johnson Genomics of Addiction Program with the goals of preventing addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and developing more effective treatments. The implications of these genomic studies extend to the treatment of nicotine dependence, the abuse of recreational drugs, and addictions to prescribed narcotics and sedatives.

Researchers in this program are studying how a person's genetic makeup affects vulnerability to addiction and how people respond to different treatments. They have also developed an electronic clinical database that captures key characteristics of all patients with addictions at Mayo Clinic and a DNA repository. These valuable resources should help address which genetic factors affect addiction and response to treatment.


See a list of publications by Mayo Clinic doctors on chemical dependency on PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.

May. 13, 2011