Cancer survivorship programs are services that help cancer survivors live well after cancer treatment. A cancer survivorship program may help you manage physical and emotional changes you may experience after your cancer treatment.

Mayo Clinic offers cancer survivorship programs that are specific to your type of cancer that help you cope with post-treatment issues and adjust to your new life. Mayo Clinic cancer survivorship programs are disease-specific and available to adult cancer survivors.

Your initial visit to a cancer survivorship program may include:

  • Reviewing your cancer diagnosis and treatment and conducting a physical exam to assess your needs
  • Identifying and creating management strategies to help you cope with physical, emotional and social effects of your cancer and your cancer treatment
  • Assessing your risk of other cancers and, if needed, referral to cancer screening services
  • Recommending ways to improve your health through nutrition, exercise, weight management and quitting smoking
  • Creating a personalized follow-up care program for you and your doctors
  • Consulting with the doctors who diagnosed and treated your cancer, as needed

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May. 07, 2014