Slide show: Canalith repositioning procedure
Step 1 of the canalith repositioning procedure
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The canalith repositioning procedure can treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which causes dizziness when you move your head. The procedure consists of head maneuvers that move particles in your inner ear — which cause dizziness — to a part of your ear where they won't.

Depending on your doctor's preferences, you may wear an infrared imaging device over your eyes during the canalith repositioning procedure. This helps your doctor examine your eyes during each maneuver, although it isn't necessary for successful treatment.

In the first step of the canalith repositioning procedure, your doctor or a trained professional helps you recline and turn your head to a 45-degree angle. The maneuvers shown here are for one type of BPPV, experienced on the left side in this person.

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