Care Services

Care conferences

A care conference is a gathering of family members and members of your multidisciplinary healthcare team to discuss and plan your child's care. Conferences are helpful when care requires intervention by many different specialists, when planning discharge or when coordinating care with community-based resources.

Spiritual care

Groves Foundation Meditation Room - Mary Brigh Building, Seventh Floor
The Groves Foundation Meditation Room was designed around the themes of earth, wind, fire and water. These elements embrace a common humanity. This space is for private and family use.

Peace Garden - Outdoors west of the Generose Building
Using seasonal flowers, native grasses and trees, and flowing waters, the garden invites repose and peace. The words of a Hebrew/Franciscan blessing welcome all who enter.

Saint Marys Chapel - Domitilla Building, First Floor
The Saint Marys Chapel dates back to 1903. Both Catholic and interdenominational services are held in this traditional Christian space.

Saint Francis Chapel - Francis Building, Fifth Floor
The Saint Francis Chapel was designed for private and family prayer. Stained glass windows and warm wood features invite prayer and meditation in a Christian context.

"Preparing for Surgery," a patient and health education program

Located on the downtown campus of Mayo Clinic (Siebens Building, Subway level), the Patient and Health Education Center offers a 30- to 40-minute drop-in program between noon and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Teaching style and content are tailored to your specific needs. The class may include the following information:

  • Admission to the hospital
  • What to bring to the hospital
  • What to expect on the surgical day
  • Common equipment used after surgery
  • Managing pain or nausea after surgery
  • Participation of family on the day of surgery

Coping skills instruction

Members of the child life staff can counsel your child in ways to cope with the pain and stress of painful or invasive procedures.

Advisory Committee

A family advisory committee, composed primarily of patient family members, advises the hospital on policies and practices that influence families.