Mayo's Capabilities

More than 150 physicians at Mayo Clinic specialize in treating children and adolescents. Mayo Clinic's experienced nursing staff is educated to care for young people at every stage of their development. Respiratory therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, social workers, and others, all trained in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, contribute to the specialized care. There also are child life professionals to help children and their families deal with natural fears about illness, medical procedures and hospital care.

Mayo Clinic's multidisciplinary surgical teams are experienced in the most advanced procedures available. Solid organ transplants, such as heart, liver, kidney and pancreas transplants, are regularly performed at Mayo Clinic, in addition to bone marrow transplants. Patients also benefit from leading-edge surgical procedures for severe or life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy and congenital heart disease.

Patients have access to advanced laboratory services, imaging and other diagnostic technologies, and physical medicine and rehabilitative services in close proximity to the hospital. The hospital is adjacent to surgical suites, the emergency room, the heliport and the pediatric cardiovascular diagnostic and treatment areas. Mayo Clinic Medical Transport can bring sick children from around the region, nation and world to Mayo Clinic to receive the care they need via Mayo One, an emergency medical helicopter, and Mayo MedAir, an air ambulance. Traditional ground ambulance transportation via Gold Cross also is available.