Ann Coppedge

Jacksonville, Florida

The opening of Mayo Clinic's transplant center couldn't have come at a better time for Ann Coppedge. While Coppedge had always lived an active life, she began to lose vitality and went downhill fast. After years of seeing specialists and receiving misdiagnosis, a biopsy revealed Coppedge had liver disease. She went straight to Mayo Clinic where she received a liver transplant.

"The doctors, the nurses and the staff were incredible," says Coppedge. "The support was stellar."

The surgery a success, Coppedge immediately felt better. Today, Coppedge is back to her active life. She celebrated recovery by taking a hiking trip in Colorado. Coppedge also serves as an advocate for organ donation and fellow transplant patients.

"If Mayo and the people who treated me hadn't been there, I don't think I'd be here today."