Mayo Clinic Speakers Bureau

The Mayo Clinic Speakers Bureau connects your organization with Mayo doctors and allied health staff who share their expertise on a variety of health-related topics. You can choose from the list of our most popular topics, or we can customize a presentation for you to meet the needs of your audience.

Our Speakers Bureau service is free of charge — it's part of our commitment to sharing our knowledge and helping to build a healthier and more informed community.

For more information or to schedule a speaker,* please call 904-953-0745.

Some popular topics

  • Have you heard?

    • Advances in hearing aid technology
  • Getting to the heart of cardiovascular disease

    • All about heart transplantation
    • Cardiovascular disease risk factors and prevention
    • Exercise does a heart good
    • Heart rhythm abnormalities
    • Keeping your heart valves healthy
    • Preventing heart failure
  • The skinny on exercise and weight control

    • Staying healthy with a quality lifestyle and exercise
    • Understanding metabolic syndrome and obesity
    • What you need to know about weight control
  • The brain connection

    • Signs, symptoms and treatment of stroke
  • Bad to the bone

    • New techniques in hip replacement surgery
    • New techniques in knee replacement surgery
    • The big consequences of broken wrist bones
    • The latest advances in foot and ankle surgery
  • Here's lookin' at you

    • Body contouring and liposuction
    • Caring for your skin
    • Plastic surgery of the breast
    • Plastic surgery of the face and neck
    • The pros and cons of plastic surgery
  • Out of sight

    • Cataract surgery and you
    • Laser vision correction
  • When cancer attacks

    • Managing ovarian cancer
    • New treatments for breast cancer
    • Update on lung cancer
    • Update on prostate cancer
  • Feel the burn

    • All about heartburn
  • Feel the burn

    • Risk-reduction strategies and treatment of hardened arteries
    • Strategies to reduce stroke risk
    • Treatment of aortic aneurysms
    • What can and should be done about venous disease
  • Inside Mayo Clinic

    • Bench to bedside: Research advances at Mayo Clinic
    • What makes Mayo one of a kind

*Meeting your request depends on the availability of the speaker. It may be necessary to change the topic or the speaker if your request cannot be met. If your event is located more than a 20-minute drive from Mayo Clinic, the speaker may need to be scheduled after business hours or during the weekend.